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We, at The Theater, believe that experiencing LIVE entertainment is important and something that cannot be replicated through live-streams or on-demand performances.

For this reason, we are committed to opening our doors to the community, breaking down barriers to live events and uniting audiences and artists.

Our business structure has been designed to support, encourage and enhance our local arts organizations. Our avenue to connect audiences with those artists is a dedication to give away free tickets to EVERY SHOW at The Theater. 

If you are hearing about The Theater for the first time, and would like to be entered in a draw for a free ticket to an event, please sign up using the form below. Once our initial 1000 tickets have been distributed, your name will be moved to our general "email newsletter subscription" list and names will continue to be drawn at random from that list for every show occurring at The Theater. 

Over 95% of the events happening at The Theater are tied to the community in some way- from local educational programs and local artists or organizations, to local promoters showcasing talent they believe is relevant to the Rochester community. 

Giving away tickets to these shows comes at a cost to The Theater, and if you would like to support our mission, we gratefully accept any monetary donation. 

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