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Venue Rentals


Full compliment of state-of-the-art audio equipment including amplification, monitors, microphones, etc. 
Lighting includes moving heads and full stage coverage

theatre & dance

Full compliment of state-of-the-art sound and lights, including side lighting positions. 

film& screenings

Large screen for film screening or movie potential 

 meeting & lecture

General sound and light included. Two levels of projection available, as well as streaming capabilities for additional fees.  

Rental Rates

Rental Rates available upon request

Business Rentals 

  • Half day (certain restrictions apply) or full day options available

  • For conferences/meetings/presentations 

  • Price inclusive of general lighting and sound, fees apply for projection & streaming

Daily and Weekly Rentals include:

  • Use of the venue (auditorium and greenrooms) for up to 8 hours per day

  • General in-house sound & light 

  • Chairs and Music Stands

  • Orchestral Shell

  • Choral and Orchestral Risers (if moved and set up by renting organization)

  • Advance Services with Production Director

  • Advance Box Office and physical and online ticket sales prior to the event

  • Additional fees: projection, piano tuning, some sound equipment and light

Weekly Rentals are designated as Exclusive and Non-Exclusive

  • A “Non-Exclusive 7-day” rental rate requires a finalized production schedule to be submitted at the time of booking. Outside of these schedule hours, The Theater may be used for other purposes at the discretion of Innovation Arts Management. Applicable labor charges apply and will be billed accordingly

  • An “Exclusive 7-day” rental rate secures the use of The Theater facility without the need for a finalized production schedule at the time of booking and provides that the space will not be used for other purposes during the duration of the rental contract. Applicable labor charges apply and will be billed accordingly.

Event Amenities


  • Auditorium seats 714

  • Orchestra 421 (Accessible)

  • Balcony 293 (Not accessible)


  • Details to be added as sound package is finalized


  • Details to be added as rigging is finalized

Box Office

  • Physical and online sales

  • Event creation and management

  • Night-of physical sales

Green Rooms

  • 2 large group green rooms

  • 1 special guest green room

Extra Amenities

  • Sound Shell

  • Choral and Orchestral Risers

  • Chairs and Stands

  • Grand Piano Coming Soon

  • Rehearsal Keyboard

Stage Size

  • Details to be added as dimensions are finalized


  • Details to be added as light package is finalized

Live Streaming

  • 3 Camera, High Definition Live Stream capabilities

Event Marketing

  • Newsletter Mentions

  • Digital Posters in Lobby

  • Social Media Mentions

Extra Rooms

  • Room 1 TBD

  • Room 2 TBD

  • Recording Studio TBD


  • Dedicated 350 car garage located directly below The Theater, accessible via elevator.
    Parking Fees Apply

  • Washington Street & Midtown Garage within two blocks.

  • On Street Parking (free on weekends)

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